Fan Art Friday with Macklemore

Fan Art Friday with Macklemore
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Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis are back with the long anticipated follow up to their widely popular, Grammy winning album The Heist. Their brand new record, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made, hit the shelves and airwaves today and fans of the thrift shoppin’ phenomenon couldn’t be more excited.

Though Macklemore first rose to fame from his hilarious mega-hit about bargain shopping for lavish outfits, most of his music is rooted in emotional sentiments and important social commentary. He and his producer have been a huge inspiration to many along the way, and for that, the team have earned themselves a die-hard following of fans known as the #SharkFaceGang.

Despite their intimidating title, the Shark Face Gang are actually a super loving and inspiring bunch that are not afraid to show their true colors. In honor of Mack’s new album and amazing supporters, we have rounded up some of the best Macklemore-inspired fan art from around the web, courtesy of the SFG. Check it out down below in this week’s #FanArtFriday:

Macklemore and his beautiful daughter Sloane 🙈✨ @macklemore #macklemore#sloane#macklemorefanart#art#drawing#love#it

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My Macklemore piece! @macklemore #pakopablos #art #illustrations #macklemore #thriftshop #theheist #paint

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this is too good… #fanart

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Big thanks to all you shark faced fans for all your beautiful work! You all are killing it.

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