Fan Art Friday Featuring Metallica

Fan Art Friday Featuring Metallica

Grammy anticipation is heating up after the recent news that Lady Gaga will join heavy metal legends, Metallica, on stage for a once-in-a-lifetime, duet performance.

An unlikely match up, indeed. However, after Gaga’s highly acclaimed Superbowl Half Time Show last Sunday, there is no doubt that she has what it takes to keep up with the head-banging icons.

With the worldwide success of Metallica’s, Hardwired…to Self Destruct, their first new album in over eight years, and all the buzz surrounding Lady Gaga right now, music fans from all walks of life are super pumped for the groundbreaking performance that will take place this Sunday.

Metallica are one of the most beloved bands in the metal community and have earned themselves a monstrous legion of diehard fans over the decades. Come Sunday, that fan base will likely grow even larger.

For this week’s #FanArtFriday, we wanted to shine a spotlight on these loyal metal heads and help usher in the new by sharing the latest and greatest Metallica inspired art with you today. Check it out down below:

Truly an amazing Hetfield pencil portrait by the talented @lanathomastattoos.

These hand painted sneakers by @smcustomart are so sick! Features all four members in all of their shining, metal glory!

Totally diggin’ @Literateaa’s killer artwork inspired by the track “Moth Into Flame” off of the new album. That’s one deadly looking moth 💀

The original, mean muggin’ line-up looking as metal as it gets. Painted by the amazing @Richesson.

Flash forward 30 years and we’ve got James Hetfield still bringing the hammer down! Epic digital paintnig by @Mikko_Kaaria.

Which one’s your favorite? James doing what he does best, Kirk shredding his guitar to bits, or Lars smashing that kit like it made fun of his mama? I can’t decide they are all way too cool. Thanks @Bazthebeast!

Doesn’t get much more metal than this. Killer original artwork by @H0useOfW0lves.

Metallica by drinkemalll on DeviantArt

We’re loving this black and white illustration of the full band acting goofy by

Metallica by ebbewaxin on DeviantArt

This is just way too awesome. We need a Metallica cartoon series please! Awesome work by

Thanks for checking it out and an even bigger thanks to all the awesome artists featured above. Metal heads don’t mess around!

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