Is Green the New Normal for Live Events?

Is Green the New Normal for Live Events?
Coachella 2015

We hope so, and our customers agree. In a recent Live Nation survey1, 80% of fans said being green isn’t just a passing trend. Here are 10 awesome ideas and tips for going green while enjoying the live event experience at performances, shows, and games.

  1. Carpool, ride a bike, or take public transportation to the live event. Who likes sitting in traffic anyway?!
  1. Reduce your waste and place trash in the appropriately marked bins, especially when you’re tailgating or chilling outdoors. Recycle paper, plastic, and glass. Most venues have labeled receptacles that make it easy for you to know where to put what. If you don’t see any options for recycling at the event, ask someone at the venue where you can recycle on the premises.
  1. Bring a reusable bag like a tote or a backpack (check with the venue to see what’s allowed in). Use it to store the tee-shirts, posters, and other merch you pick up at the event in order to avoid using paper and plastic bags.
  1. Use social media to find and support eco conscious vendors and businesses at the event. You know those lonely folks in the corner of the venue that are yearning for your ear? Don’t be shy! You might learn about a cool product or service that could help you and your community live more healthy and sustainable.
  1. See if the artist, team, or performers are connected to any green causes and get involved. The NHL has done incredible work with their league-wide initiative NHL Green. Coachella had an amazing water bottle recycling program during the festival that helped keep the grounds clean and green. Athletes and artists are doing really cool things with green causes too. Stanley Cup champion defenseman and Florida Panther Willie Mitchell is involved with Save Our Salmon. BjΓΆrk is involved in green causes that help protect her native Iceland’s natural resources. And Dave Matthews has become an eco hero with his commitment to green touring and environmental contributions via the Bama Green Project.
  1. Did you know Live Nation venues are carbon-balanced to offset their energy usage? Find out your carbon footprint and try to offset it while preparing for your next event. Calculate your carbon footprint here.
  1. Go paperless for payments made at the venue. Get receipts from the concession or merch stands sent to you electronically when possible to cut down on paper usage. There are new apps and devices like square that make it increasingly easy to make paperless transactions.
  1. Support farm-to-stage. If the venue or event offers it, buy organic and locally grown food. Farm-to-stage (like farm-to-plate) essentially means that the food came directly from local farmers, ranchers and dairies — it’s great and eco friendly because fewer fossil fuels are required to transport and keep locally sourced food fresh.
  1. When given the option, purchase eco friendly products and services – both at the event and at home. Environmentally friendly products aim to promote sustainability and lessen the impact their design, production, packaging, and disposal have on the environment.
  1. Save paper and go mobile for tickets.

Keep it green, share the green things you’re seeing, and have a happy Earth Day from Ticketmaster.

1Survey was conducted in Oct-Nov 2014 to Live Nation ticket buyers post-show (sample size: 5,488).