The Best Drake Fan Art – Fan Art Friday

The Best Drake Fan Art – Fan Art Friday
Drake performs during Budweiser Made In America Festival Benefiting The United Way - Day 2 at Benjamin Franklin Parkway on September 2, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/WireImage)

October’s Very Own, Drake is making tsunami sized waves in the pop culture world this year with the release of his chart-topping, record breaking new album VIEWS, which hit the airwaves earlier this year. With VIEWS still on rotation around the world and the highly anticipated stadium-filling Summer Sixteen Tour unfolding in the US and Canada, it goes without saying that Drizzy is easily one of the biggest names in contemporary music.


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Yes, the Six God is on top of the world right now as he approaches his 30th birthday on Oct 24, and the internet continues to flood with concert pics, hashtags, fan art, and hysterical memes of the Hip Hop phenomenon at an astonishing rate.

At this point, there’s no doubtΒ that Drake has one of the largest fan armies in the world. So we’reΒ puttingΒ the spotlight on fans and their latest and greatest Drake inspired artwork. Check out the Drake fan art down below, and follow along with the hashtag #ViewsExhibit to see what goes down at a one-day pop up Drake fan art exhibit on Oct 10, which is run by fans — we can’t wait to see what they have in store. But first, let’s look at some awesome Drake fan art.

Drake incomplete work #drake #art #iPad #viewsexhibit October 10

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Wow, @nevercarenelz! This computer graphic blows our minds and begs the question, when can we get a Drake hologram?!

Just me & drizzy tonight. #ilikearttypegirl

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This drawing from @iLikeArtTypeGirl is so fresh and so clean, Drake just pops from the page.

Loving this dope acrylic painting featuring some all too real Drizzy lyrics by the talented @Keys.open_doors. He looks like he’s about to cry, but that’s the real Drake we all truly know and love.

This piece belongs in a super ballin’ all gold decorative frame above Drake’s fireplace at his Toronto mansion. Amazing acrylic work by @JIHAD_LB.

Drake Baby Onesie available now!!! Link in bio

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Show off your baby’s good music taste with this epic Drake onesie created by the wonderful @bohemiangangster.

This beautiful oil painting by @Jessbesos perfectly highlights the emotionally heavy moments of VIEWS with its brilliant use of hazy grays. It’s gonna be OK Drake, we promise.

The 6 God suited up head-to-toe in VIEWS gear for the Toronto Raptor’s playoff series. Awesome digital portrait by @LORD_CEEEJ

Can’t get enough of this vividly colorful illustration by @_StevenHughes. The warm glow of the red contrasted against the blue gives us a glimpse into Toronto at dawn.

Drake @champagnepapi #drake #champagnepapi #sohappy #art #illustration #portrait #photoshop #cintiq #instaart

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@Sailesh absolutely killed it with this “Hotline Bling” inspired portrait! Love how she used the prominent colors from the video as the background gradient. 😍

Another cool #throwback Here's my work of @champagnepapi #drake by #peppedaleart

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When @peppedal took on Drake as a muse, Drake was the one that took notice and re-shared the artist’s work on his IG. Major props!

i must've called a thousand times // you used to call me on my cell phone

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We love this illustration by the amazing artist @dave_valeza of Drake and Adele – two of our fave artists going riff for riff.

@jacobhalton ditches the traditional portrait and creates a beautiful illustration of popular Drake song lyrics.

Thanks for stopping by and a BIG THANKS to the amazingly talented Drake fans out there for blessing us with their gorgeous art.

Now, check out the Drake tour schedule.