Double Date Night Ideas + 4-Pack Ticket Deals

Double Date Night Ideas + 4-Pack Ticket Deals

In a double date night rut? Here are some fresh ideas for a unique, unforgettable outing.

It’s summer, and the old dinner-and-a-movie routine is getting as stale as the stagnant heat wave air. Now is the perfect time to shake up your date night and immerse yourself in some of the best live events the summer has to offer, especially when there are incredible Ticketmaster 4-Pack Deals.

Going to the theater for a double date is a great way to reinject some magic in your relationship. Whether it’s a musical or a good old fashioned play, there’s something special about the way theater can bring people together for a collective emotional experience.

Breathtaking acrobatics, hilarious clowns, and magnificently coordinated stunts — this summer is full of circus delights that are sure to appeal to your friends, family, and everyone in between.

The beauty, elegance, and drama of the ballet is sure to make a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to accompany you to the show.

Nothing promotes bonding quite like supporting your favorite teams or athletes. Why not make things interesting and use this double date an opportunity to get competitive? It’s all in good fun after all.

If there’s one thing that is sure to break the ice on a double date it’s laughter. If you’re a bit shy, head out to see a comedy show – you might be surprised by what happens after you’ve shared a couple of chuckles in each other’s company.

There’s nothing quite like getting swept away by the infectious energy of a massive amphitheatre crowd. Lucky for you there are tons of great venues hosting some of the best new musicians this summer — that ought to get you and your group on your feet and grooving.

Big concerts are great, but sometimes you’d rather have the opportunity to get to know the people you’re sharing the experience with. Intimate shows provide the perfect opportunity to get up-close and personal — not just with the performer, but with the special people you came to the concert with.

Whether you’re heading out for a double date, a night with your besties, or some much-needed family bonding time, there are tons of live shows that ought to tickle your fancy — and your wallet. Find a full listing of Summer 4-Pack options available in your area and get your Me+3 ticket deal today.