9 Rad Concert Nail Art Ideas To Try

9 Rad Concert Nail Art Ideas To Try
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Concerts and music festivals are the perfect opportunity to get a little adventurous with your style and that includes your nails. Save the solid-colored polishes and French tip manis for another time. Instead, get creative with some fresh nail art. From wanderlust-inspired tropical nails to confetti-covered party nails, we’ve rounded up these nail art ideas to inspire you for your next live event.

Pink Tropical Nails

These hot pink nails adorned with pineapples and flowers have tropical vacation wanderlust vibes written all over them. They’ll make you smile every time you catch a glimpse of your hands.

Whimsical Nails

Nail art doesn’t have to be wild to look awesome, sometimes simple designs (like whimsical unicorns!) are all you need to dress up your digits.

Bohemian Nails

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Feeling boho? We dig these minimalistic nails decked out with arrows and feathers.

Two-Tone Diagonal Nails

Clean lines for @happycuties using @opi_products in 'Blue It Out Of Proportion' and 'This Cost Me a Mint'

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Even if you don’t consider yourself a nail art aficionado, this simple diagonal design is totally something you can DIY (insider tip: use tape to get that crisp straight line!).

Grid Nails

Black and blue grids

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We love the edgy look of these grid nails. Just swap out the blue color with one that matches your outfit.

Flower Nails

Not only can you wear flowers in your hair, you can also rock them on your nails. Add crystals to each flower for extra sparkle.

Cactus Nails


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Fun nails decorated with cactus are a super cute idea. The black, white, and pink color combo is on point.

Confetti Nails

Nothing says fun like glitter confetti nails. They will instantly put you in a dancing mood before you even arrive at the show.

Evil Eye Nails

For non-nail art junkies who want to dip their toes into the trend, these minimal evil eye nails are the way to go.

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