Best Music Fan Reviews 2013

Best Music Fan Reviews 2013

With  2013 coming to a close, we here at Ticketmaster want to share just how awesome of a year it was by recapping the best live event fan reviews from 2013*.

Did you know that with certain events you attend over the yea r there could be an opportunity for you to take a brief survey after the show? These surveys are designed to ensure we’re delivering the fan experience we want you to remember. Many of these surveys are then formed into reviews which often times are published to our website for other fans to read.

We love hearing from you, our fans, and with each live event that you attend we hope you will participate in these surveys to ensure we’re delivering the best live experience possible to you. Yes you heard right, we’re requesting that you partake, give us some feedback, submit a photo or video, and who knows, maybe you’ll be on our website one day! Enough about that, let’s recap some of our best fan reviews from 2013.

Best Fan Reviews from 2013

1.  Paul McCartney – 1,356 Fan Reviews in 2013 – 4.88 Star Rating

Paul McCartney TourWhat other 70 year old rock star can blow your socks off for 3 hours? Sir Paul McCartney has been keeping us entertained for 50+ years! Not only can he rock, but did you know he has also written or co-written 30 songs that have reached #1 on Billboard Hot 100. A true performer and a show not to be missed!

What do fans say about the live experience?

  • By Toysinthewoods: “McCartney delivers the single most bang for the buck of any show I’ve ever seen! This is my second time down memory lane with Paul, first in 2002. I am finally believing the rumors that he died in the 60’s and this is a robot that took his place. The voice is almost as crisp as ever, the energy puts to shame some 20 something rockers.”
  • By BetnSue: “Although there were 32,000 others there it felt like Paul was singing and talking to each as an individual. At 71 it was amazing to me that he performed for 3 hours. Loved the mix of songs – it was such a wonderful evening!”

2.  P!NK – 2,599 Fan Reviews in 2013 – 4.88 Star Rating

P!NK Live Concert

Have you seen her show? Fans roar that she’s one of the best live performances out there! From incredible (or so we hear) acrobatics to her gifted voice, a true live experience no one should miss.


What do her fans say about the live experience?

  • By CheeseWheel2009: “It combined not only P!nk’s outstanding talents, but also showcased dancers, acrobatics, and beautiful set design & costume changes. She sang both old & new favorites, as well as performed & put on a show that kept the audience entertained!”
  • By jboy21047: “Pink is always an amazing performer for the audience and she connects more than most current stars. I always feel like I could run into her in a bar and she would be the coolest person to hang and talk with. As for her star status, she is over the top with her amazing stamina and performances that combine her years of acrobatics and gymnastics with her ability to sing anything and everything with such power and authority.”

3.  Chris Tomlin – 1,433 Fan Reviews in 2013 – 4.88 Star Rating

Chris Tomlin Tor
A extremely talented American contemporary Christian music artist. Chris is also one of the leading artists and activist within the contemporary Christian music arena and is a successful singer and songwriter in new age and spiritual music.
What do his fans say about the live experience?

  • By Rms828: “This was a true worship experience, not just entertainment. Chris has been gifted with so much talent as a song writer and a singer, yet he is so humble. He leads the audience to focus on Christ, not Chris.”
  • By elvis100hounddog: “This is the second time I’ve seen Chris and he just keeps getting better. His music is wonderful and he just seems to enjoy sharing his message with us while he is singing. I like all of Chris’ music and the big screen helped with seeing features.”

4.  Muse – 2,251 Fan Reviews in 2013 – 4.83 Star Rating

Muse on tourFormed in 1994, the band is known for their energetic and extravagant live experiences and their fusion of many music genres, including space rock, progressive rock, alternative rock, symphonic rock and electronica. A true masterpiece to the music industry.


What do fans say about the live experience?

  • By Merpuddin: “They are great live performers and they sound better in person than they do on their CDs… I can’t say that about many bands! The band had great stage and light show effects which added to the quality of the show. It was non-stop entertainment the entire time they were onstage! “
  • By Vmuse: “This event was beyond my expectations! show was great, high energy, we had general admission tickets and we were probably only ten people back from the front of the stage. it rocked!”

5.  Bruno Mars – 2,330 Fan Reviews in 2013 – 4.82 Star Rating

Bruno Mars Concerts
You know… that guy about to headline the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show! Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Bruno Mars began making music at a very young age and performed in several music venues in his hometown. Throughout his music career of only 3 years, Mars has sold 10 million albums. Find out why fans love him!

What do fans say about the live experience?

  • By Lala237: “Excellent show, some of the best showmanship I’ve seen in years. Bruno and the band are incredibly talented live performances. Bruno’s voice is amazing and his band are true musicians. The cool dance steps just elevated the performance and pushed it over the top. I’d pay to see this show three more times.”
  • By Kristie323: “Bruno Mars is one incredible entertainer. He amazed me from beginning to end. His voice is magical and his interaction with the crowd is awesome! I didn’t want the night to end!”

6. The Weeknd – 694 Fan Reviews in 2013 – 4.81 Star Rating

The Weeknd ConcertBorn in 1990, Abel Tesfaye has given the title of “best musical artist since Michael Jackson” and isn’t one to ignore. A YouTube sensation himself where he released mixtapes to the social network, Tesfaye has also been praised by several music publications such as Pitchfork, MTV, BET, Rolling Stone, XXL, and The Source.

What do fans say about the live experience?

  • By Eorlas: “If you are a fan of The Weeknd in any capacity, or even enjoy his music, you owe it to yourself to attend one of his concerts. The whole experience was amazing.”
  • By HKzo: “One of the best shows ever. The production was beyond extraordinary. Abel has a great voice live. Sang almost every song on Kiss Land even some special tracks from House of Balloons. Worth every penny.”

7.  Paramore – 550 Fan Reviews in 2013 – 4.81 Star Rating

Paramore tourFormed in Tennessee in 2004, this American rock band will infuse energy into the crowd like no other band out there. Known for bringing high energy to their live performance, truly a band you don’t want to miss on stage!


What do fans say about the live experience?

  • By Ceci: “What a great show! Amazing performance! I’ve attended every Paramore concert in Chicago for the past 8 years. The energy coming from the stage gets the crowd going, the whole place is pumped up in seconds!”
  • By cmarstel: “This is the third time that I have see Paramore and they just keep getting better. Hayley has an amazing voice that almost sounds better live than on the cd. They all have such great energy that you just feel amazing watching them live. I can’t wait till I get to see them again.”

8.  Pearl Jam – 650 Fan Reviews in 2013 – 4.79 Star Rating

Pearl Jam Tour
Formed in the 90’s in Seattle, Washington, this iconic band broke into the music scene in 1991 with the debut album of Ten. The band has sold over 31.5 million records in the U.S, and 60 million worldwide. You don’t want to miss their show, especially now that they are back with a new album that is literally rocking the charts!

What do fans say about the live experience?

  • By Betterman2: “The set list, the crowd, the awesome sound of Key Arena made the trip from San Diego worthwhile beyond words!”
  • By RobbyChobby: “Start to finish, 3 hours of some if the best music ever written! PJ relied on great musician ship, great writing, and great energy to carry their show. Vedder’s voice was as good at the last note as it was on the first. The band’s energy did not fade for a moment and they finished strong. I hope they come back to town but I will definitely travel to see them again. Best show I’ve ever seen!”

9.  Celine Dion – 540 Fan Reviews in 2013 – 4.79 Star Rating

Celine Dion in ConcertWhere do we start with the iconic sounds of Celine Dion? Five time Grammy Award winner and best-selling Canadian artist of all time, chart topper (we lost count of the #1 hits) she is renowned for her technically skilled and super powerful vocals. It’s true, everyone should see Celine Dion perform live at least once!

What do fans say about the live experience?

  • By LollaRolla: “Celine is a world class act. Extremely impressed by her vocals, presentation and charm. A must-see if you’re a fan of Celine or live vocal performances in general. I would go to her show again. She doesn’t disappoint. Just WOW.”
  • By Simo884: ” Wonderful performance of Celine Dion, with his lovely approach to the audience. Great Songs chosen, it seemed the time was flying. We could have enjoyed other 2 hours of music performed by her.”

10.  John Fogerty – 591 Fan Reviews in 2013 – 4.79 Star Rating

John Fogerty Concert

Recently named one of Rolling Stone magazine’s list of 100 Greatest Guitarist at No. 40, and also on the list of 100 Greatest Singers at No. 72, you shouldn’t question his musical ability. Fans rave about his live performance so why wouldn’t we encourage you to see it!

What do fans say about the live experience?

  • By Muap: “This was my first time seeing John Fogerty Live and it went beyond my expectations. Not only is he a great stage performer but he has a great spirit about music. I felt like I was being taken back to the 70’s and embracing the time and hardships through his words.”
  • By mutters: “A wonderful performance of song-writing genius, musicianship and what a voice. No wonder the place was packed. Fogerty’s band was top class, what a treat.”


*Fan reviews are pulled from January 1, 2013 to November 31, 2013 and is based on internal Ticketmaster fan reviews.