5 Unexpected Live Country Collaborations Not To Miss

5 Unexpected Live Country Collaborations Not To Miss

Live country music collaborations are often the most exciting out there, because it seems like everybody and their mother is chomping at the bit to get on stage with a country megastar. Some really special stuff comes out of the wood work when artists from across genres come together on stage.

Country music has soared in popularity over the last few years — in part because of the genre’s ability to fuse effortlessly with other genres such as soul, rock and surprisingly, EDM and rap. Check out our picks for 5 sensational live collaborations that have had us dancin’ and shakin’ in our boots over the years.

1) Luke Bryan and Jason Derulo at the 2017 CMT Awards

Jason Derulo has always expressed his love for country music, and he brought it out in this epic team-up with Luke Bryan. According to Derulo, “Nashville is amazing. If I lived there, I would literally be 300 pounds.” So we might have a 300 pound Jason Derulo if he does cross over to country like he’s talked about. That said, we’d get some awesome music out of it — but for now, this epic collaboration will have to do.

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2) Alicia Keys and Maren Morris

These female superstars really turn it up a notch on this special duet. Morris and Keys had performed together before for an episode of CMT Crossroads, which pits a country singer with an artist from another genre, typically a well known pop star. Keys herself loves the camaraderie, saying “Maren does her style and I do my style and they blend so well together.”

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3) Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake

Stapleton and Timberlake’s performance at the Country Music Awards in 2015 is still being talked about to this day — and it’s a must watch. This one makes the list for a few reasons. First, Stapleton had just won New Artist Of The Year. Second, both of these stars have southern roots. Stapleton hails from Kentucky, and Timberlake hails from Memphis. It was a dream collaboration to say the least.

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4) Jason Aldean and Ludacris

This live rendition of Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem” brought in the rapper Ludacris. And let us tell ya, it was ludacris. This collaboration is an awesome one because Aldean himself raps the verses on the original version of the song, but he brings the hit-making rapper on stage to fill them in for him.

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5) Garth Brooks and Billy Joel

Garth Brooks and Billy Joel together? In a famous farewell to Shea stadium in New York? Now that’s a live collaboration for the ages. It’s even more poignant because, despite topping the country charts throughout his career, Brooks has always made his love of classic rock obvious — and just about 10 years before this fantastic 2008 moment, they were sharing the stage for a festival at Grand Central Park in Chicago (1997).

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