See What Happens Backstage With The Struts Before They Hit The Stage

See What Happens Backstage With The Struts Before They Hit The Stage
The Struts perform at Made in America 2015. (Photo by Jedd Lopez/ Live Nation)

British retro rockers The Struts embody the over-the-top ethos of their ’80s rock forbearers to a T, so it’s no surprise Guns N’ Roses tapped them as an opener for the San Francisco stop of their massively anticipated Not in This Lifetime… Tour.

The Struts were the perfect choice to kick off the show in August at AT&T Park – they share GnR’s playful cocksureness (their 2014 debut album was cheekily titled Everybody Wants), and their adrenaline-filled live performances are a whirlwind of epic hair, wailing guitar riffs, and splashy showmanship worthy of Axl, Slash, Duff, and company.

Before the concert, we went backstage with The Struts for a Facebook Live video session that gave fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes taste of their pre-show ritual. It’s a total throwback to hard rock’s heyday – check them out as they warm up their voices, rock out to their favorite tunes, and slip into their flamboyant stagewear.

Stay tuned till the end for lead singer Luke Spiller’s special message to fans, and don’t miss The Struts at one of their upcoming shows.

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