Baby’s First Halloween: DIY Costume Ideas

Baby’s First Halloween: DIY Costume Ideas
Pictured above is the newest minion of the Ticketmaster employee family.

A Chicago couple recently set Instagram ablaze with a series of totally adorbs photos of their newborn in various creative and awesome Halloween costumes. The little fella probably had no idea what was going on, but no matter – the parents had a blast, and when he grows up he’ll get a kick out of the photos too.

In a year of firsts, new parents can make major memories by celebrating this mini-milestone with some fun, handmade costumes for baby. Halloween is sneaking up but fret not, there’s still enough time to craft up a something cute with a bit of creativity and simple supplies like a onsie, felt, and fabric paint. Tip: Fleece hats keep little heads warm and can serve as centerpiece for an instant costume.

Check out these easy, budget-friendly DIY Halloween costumes to find the perfect project for your little one’s spooktacular first Halloween.

Dress Up Baby Like a Superhero
Your baby may be a little young to understand the fight between good and evil, but that doesn’t mean they can’t dress the part of a superhero. Break out the craft kit – these baby superhero costumes are the next best thing to having superpowers.

The whole superhero gang is here. Which one fits your little tyke?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….a baby. Super Man never looked so cute.

She may not have a full head of luscious superhero hair yet, but you get the idea. Behold, Wonder Woman.

Get Inspired by Star Wars
The highly anticipated latest installment of Star Wars, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, hits theaters this holiday season, which means Star Wars costumes are going to be all the rage this year (aren’t they always, though?). Get in on the action with these easy and fun costumes:

A white onesie with felt and fabric paint is simply brilliant…just like our favorite sidekick robot, R2D2.

This awesome crochet template will turn your cute baby into an even cuter Ewok. (Get the PDF pattern here)

“A baby costume great Yoda is”. All you need is green wool yarn, Elmer’s glue, an old scarf, a tunic sweater, a onesie, and pants.

Dun dun dundun dun… deck your baby out in a “menacing” stormtrooper costume and get them moving to the Imperial March, or…crawl.

Be Silly with these Fun Creatures
From cute wildlife and beloved Disney characters to everybody’s favorite little single-celled yellow organisms (Minions!), there’s plenty of options if you want to get silly with your baby’s costume this year.

This costume is super pink and cute – just like Peppa Pig.

From Shark Week to Left Share at Katy Perry’s Super Bowl XLIX performance, shark costumes have yet to jump the shark. This DIY costume is the perfect way to sharkify your baby without breaking the bank.

Elle Magazine reports that Minions will reign supreme as the top Halloween costume in 2015. Since the film’s release back in July our love for Minions has only continued to grow, and we can’t wait to see all the little mischievous yellow creatures trick-or-treating this Halloween.

Frozen fever is still sweeping the country nearly two years after the film’s release. From Frozen on Broadway to Frozen on Ice, fans of all ages can’t get enough of Elsa and company. Olaf is one of our favorite Frozen characters because of his humor and warmhearted nature, and this no-sew tutorial complete with a tutu is just the cutest.

As you prep your baby’s adorable first Halloween costume, don’t forget to plan some big kid fun for yourself. Head over to the Ticketmaster Halloween Event Guide to find all the best happenings in your area this year. And if you want to set up something spooky for your kids make sure to check out the Minimaster site, where big fun for little fans abounds.

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