Ticketmaster Updates Mobile App & Fans Rejoice

Ticketmaster Updates Mobile App & Fans Rejoice

On June 9, the Ticketmaster App was updated for iOS7. Our goal of the update was to make the app easier to use, more intuitive, faster and simpler. Ticketmaster employees are some of the biggest fans around. We come to work every day thinking about how we can create a better mobile experience for you. We want to help keep you informed and up-to-date about all live events and improve your live event experience while making our application for iOS more simplistic.

Find out about all the new features with the Ticketmaster App Update

With our new iPhone app, everything you need is right here. 60% of Ticketmaster venues host mobile entry and with our app-your phone is your ticket to the event. You can also find a venue map, address, phone, set lists, box office information…let’s just say that everything is right here.

The app has been received well by iPhone users in the Ticketmaster community. Check out what they had to say.

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Linkedin Community

Ticketmaster Post to LinkedIn Community: Our dramatically redesigned iOS app lauched this week. Whats so different?


Yian Yu– Love this! Can’t Wait.




Ben Blackwell– Love the transfer feature. Let’s hope event organizers/venue owners get on board with having mobile ticketing enabled!





Kristin McClure– Just used the new app to buy Outkast tickets.ย Bought them in 4 minutes. new record. Great app!





Sabrina Shimada– Great job TM!

sabrina_shimada_linkedin_ticketmaster_appย ย 


The New Ticketmaster App for iOS7 is available in the Apple App Store now. Update your Ticketmaster App for iOS7ย at the App store today!