Hawk Talk: Halloween with the Family

Hawk Talk: Halloween with the Family
Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk (47) runs into the end zone for a touchdown after picking up a blocked punt in the second quarter against Northwestern in this Nov. 12, 2005 photo, at the Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by: AP Photo/Jay LaPrete)

Hey guys, how are you, what’s up?

This week I’ll answer some really good Fan Questions.

My College team, Ohio State, are 5-0 and ranked #1. Fan @jhelton002 asked what was one great non-football memory from College — it was the overall experience of living in a house close to OSU’s campus with two pals, Jets’ center Nick Mangold and also John Thomas. It was always fun. We had a front porch and it was a gathering spot after games, people were always hanging with us. We also had a pet alligator for a while, we bought him when he was small and tried to see how big we could grow him.

Another fan @Gordon14Phil, asked how playing in College football compares to the NFL. Football is football, I always try to remind myself of this when we try to over complicate things. Also, there are no off-days in the Pros, and even a team with a losing record is still loaded with talent, so in the NFL, you never take any teams for granted.

Heading into two big games before our Bye, my Bengals are now 4-0 but no one’s satisfied yet, we’re trying to build and get better every week. That’s the NFL life, each game means so much — win or lose, you got to flush them and move on.

Fan @Bengalsmanic asked if we can win the Super Bowl. That’s the ultimate goal. But every great team has similarities, like how close a team is, and I’ve felt that from day one in Cincinnati. And like my Super Bowl winning team in Green Bay, we have each other’s back, that’s why it’s fun to be here. It’s cliché, but there is no “I” in team.

Now to Halloween, are you going to trick or treat?

Last year, our daughter Lennon went as an old lady and Hendrix as an old man, we got a wig for her and sprayed his hair gray. Lennon loved it, she was obsessed with her velcro shoes. My father-in-law built her a walker out of PVC pipe, and made a cane for him.

Minimaster AJ Hawk Kids Halloween Costumes
A.J. Hawk’s cleverly homemade children’s Halloween costumes in 2014.

This year they’re going as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The hardest part could be getting Trump’s hair just right for Hendrix. I mean, we’ve all seen those pictures of cats with Trump hairstyles! They’re both so looking forward to trick or treating.

POST-HALLOWEEN UPDATE 11.05.2015: Halloween Clinton and Trump — My children had a great time, got a bunch of candy. My son Hendrix’s wig was just perfect for the Trump look.
A.J. Hawk's children's Halloween costumes in 2015

Since we’re playing on the road against the Steelers on Halloween weekend, I’ll be rushing from practice in Cincinnati to get back to Columbus on the Thursday and we’ll be heading out then with the kids. They lasted two hours plus last year, so they should be good to go!

Before we had both kids, my wife Laura once went as a rock and roll groupie and I went as guitarist Slash with dark aviator sunglasses, his top hat and a long curly wig — man, that was hot to keep on for a few hours. Another time, we went as Posh Spice and David Beckham, when I had long hair and I put it in a topknot. As a kid, I was big into Halloween, and I had two older brothers who would try to steal the king size candy bars I would get from the good houses we would find. Even though I was the youngest, I held my own most years!

Have fun and be safe on Halloween, and see you all back here in two weeks. Who Dey?!

Stay tuned for more installments of this Ticketmaster Insider series with Super Bowl champion and Bengals linebacker A.J. Hawk. A.J.’s not only an incredible athlete, he’s also a total music lover and live entertainment fanatic. He named his kids Lennon and Hendrix after all. A.J. will be posting throughout the season (see his previous column here), so keep coming back for behind-the-scenes talk, thoughts on the game, and more. And stay plugged in with A.J.’s Podcasts (The Hawkcast) and his charity site Hawk’s Locks for Kids.

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