Access Granted: Brooklyn’s Iconic Kings Theatre Remastered

Access Granted: Brooklyn’s Iconic Kings Theatre Remastered

A few weeks ago we launched our Access Granted video series with an inside look at Harlem’s historic Apollo Theater. Today we’re heading over to Flatbush in Brooklyn, NY for a tour of the iconic Kings Theatre, a neighborhood landmark that was renovated and reopened in early 2015 after nearly 40 years of disuse.

Built in 1929 by architects Rapp and Rapp, the Kings Theatre brought unprecedented opulence to the Flatbush neighborhood by mixing design elements from Versailles and the Paris Opera House. Unlike traditional Broadway venues, the Kings Theatre was a flagship for the Lowe’s Movie Corporation, which counted the regal auditorium among its five “Lowe’s Wonder Theatres” in the New York metro area. The Kings’ combination of movies and live vaudeville acts was a hit with audiences, and before long it was the epicenter of the Flatbush shopping district.

Like other iconic venues the theater fell on hard times in the ’70s — the neighborhood declined, multiplexes attracted moviegoers, and maintenance costs ballooned. The Kings Theatre closed in 1977 and stayed shut for nearly four decades. In 2015 city leaders and the ACE Theatrical Group completed a meticulous $95 million renovation that restored it to its former glory, not just to host concerts and productions but to serve as a cultural anchor once again.

Ever since Diana Ross kicked off the grand reopening on February 3, the Kings Theater has been a hotspot for world-class music and performance with an extremely diverse range of programming. Upcoming shows include everything from Latin music icon Gilberto Santa Rosa and comedian Daniel Tosh to indie darlings like Pixies, Passion Pit, and TV on the Radio.

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