311 Keep It Diverse On Their Summer Unity Tour

311 Keep It Diverse On Their Summer Unity Tour
311 Photo by C Flanigan

Genre-blending rockers 311 have been making their unique brand of rock meets rap meets reggae for over a quarter century, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Defying any sort of musical definition hasn’t stopped the band from becoming deeply beloved by a large core fan base, a fan base who joyously celebrates “311 day” every year on March 11th, plans their vacations around the 311 Caribbean Cruise (which features 311 karaoke, a singles and a basketball tournament, in addition to live performances), and smokes out of their 311 Grassroots Uplifter vape pens.

A vital part of 311’s popularity has been built on the backs of their live shows, with fans coming from far and wide to watch their favorite Nebraska-bred band rock, rap, and come original on stage.

To commemorate the release of their newest album, Mosaic, the band did what they do best: they went on tour.

311 kicked off their Unity Summer Tour on June 22nd at Hard Rock Live in Northfield, Ohio, starting the tour off with the live debut of “Perfect Mistake,” the third single off Mosaic.



They immediately kicked it back, 27 years back to be exact, and launched into their energetic proto-nu-metal classic “Hive” off their 1995 debut self-titled album.

The rest of the set, just like the rest of the sets they’ve played thus far on the Unity Summer Tour, jumped around their discography from old to new and radio hit to deep cut, with impressive dexterity.

311 definitely does not play the same old set every night; in 2017 alone, they’ve played over 65 different songs live.


Though the die-hard fan will walk away pleased with the mixed bag, the casual 311 lover will not be disappointed: some combination of their smash hits “Beautiful Disaster,” “All Mixed Up,” “Amber,” and “Down” will grace every show. Don’t stay home; catch 311 when they come to your town this summer. The Unity Summer Tour runs through September 1st. For a list of remaining dates visit 311’s artist page.

In celebration of 311’s latest album, Mosaic, Ticketmaster is partnering with 311 to give fans a chance to win signed CDs! Just tweet your favorite 311 song lyric with the hashtag #311MosaicGiveawayTM and you’ll be entered in the random draw! Good luck!

311 March Giveaway

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