2014 in Review: 10 Events That Moved Fans to Tears

2014 in Review: 10 Events That Moved Fans to Tears

Last week we posted a list of 10 Events That Brought the Laughs in 2014 based on the first-hand experiences of ticket buyers. This week we’re breaking out the Kleenex and shedding a tear over the year’s most emotional live event moments. Whether they were tears of joy, laughter, or sheer exhilaration, these are the unforgettable events that had fans all choked up in 2014.

Stay tuned to the blog for more 2014 in review posts — every Thursday in December (and maybe even January) we’ll be looking back on the year’s most memorable events with insightful lists based on reviews by fans like you.

Fleetwood Mac
Beloved singer Christine McVie joins Stevie Nicks and company on the band’s 2014-15 tour, marking the first time the group’s classic lineup has performed together in more than a decade — an emotional experience for both the band and their fans.

-by jla1983

“This show was AMAZING!!! They played and sang their hearts out for 2 1/2 hours. They were even better than I remember them on their 1977 Rumors tour. Their opening song, “Chain”, brought tears to my eyes. Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham’s vocals never faltered… They are truly, truly talented artists.”
-by autumndream

Garth Brooks
The country star is a legendary performer for a reason — his authentic voice and tear-jerker tunes like “Mom” are enough to make even the gruffest country fan well up with emotion.

-by Margoski22

“I would have to say Garth Brooks was the best concert I have ever been too. Took my husband for his birthday. He was absolutely amazing. You can tell he really enjoys entertaining and truly loves his fans. He actually brought tears to my husband’s eyes.”
-by buzzard1962

On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and JAY Z
The royal couple delivers jaw-dropping and heart-pumping shows full of beautiful choreography and personal storytelling.

-by Anonymous

“The “On The Run” Tour was hands down the best concert I have ever been too. It was a short movie and musical experience all combined in one. I left the concert in tears. Jay-Z played a mix of his old sound with his new sound and Beyonce did the same. I originally came to this concert for Beyonce’ but Jay-Z got the crowd extremely hype! The whole storyline was well put together and the performance was flawless, sexy, and unforgettable. If you don’t do anything else in life, the last thing you should do is see Beyonce and Jay-Z live in concert. Don’t wait around till they come to your city again. Buy your tickets today! Trust me, it’ll be worth every dollar, cent, and time worked over to get these tickets. My favorite was the entire experience, but I truly enjoyed the slideshow at the end which featured Blue Ivy. It gave their concert a personal touch that no artist is obligated to do. They shared a piece of their lives with people who are so desperate to see who they are within. I cried my eyes out because the concert was a beautiful experience.”
-by ColumbusLiving

Stevie Wonder
The one, the only — an overwhelming number of fans reported choking up at the legendary performer’s emotional live shows.

-by Lizzy23

“The concert was over 3 hours. We got our monies worth. When he sang ‘Magic’ it brought tears to my eyes. As did ‘As’. It was just great. I brought one of my besties with me she also had tears in her eyes. She kept saying “thank you for bringing me…'”
-by TW50

One of Broadway’s most popular, magical, and touching musicals — just thinking about Elphaba and Glinda is enough to make us misty.

-by CariB812

“My husband and I attended with our 9 yr old daughter – we all thoroughly enjoyed it. What a performance! I was in tears (joy) by the end. We bought the CD to sing along to the songs in the car. I highly recommend!”
-by Bravagirl

Radio City Christmas Spectacular
A holiday classic that never fails to dazzle with its timeless combination of tradition, talent, and toe-tapping tunes. The Rockettes move fans to tears, year after year.

-by Peachew

“It was great. It was everything I wanted it to be, super fun, family oriented, and really Christmasy. I literally was so happy I started tearing up watching the show. Great time, and would recommend it to anyone that has never seen it and loves Christmas.”
-by LoCo1707

Disney On Ice presents Frozen Presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt
If the whimsy of Frozen on Ice doesn’t bring tears to your kids eyes, the joy they experience just might bring a few to yours.

-by Anonymous

“Frozen on ice was truly spectacular! I have been to many Disney on Ice productions and they have all been great, but Frozen was awesome. The sets, the skating, the costumes. They brought the film to life on ice! And to hear thousands of little kids sing along to the music gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. It was worth every penny. This is a very special production for everyone in the family.”
-by Doshiedoober

Andrea Bocelli
With one of the most instantly recognizable voices in classical music, Bocelli’s beautiful, passionate vocals put audiences in an emotional trance time and time again.

-by amazed0322

“I have been waiting to see Andrea Bocelli for quite a few years – a bucket list thing… I blast his music and have been extremely moved listening to him over the years but i was not prepared to be blown away by his performance!!! Exceeded all of my expectations…. Brought tears to my eyes. Even in the Arena the sound was incredible… Don’t ever miss him if you have a chance – it’s one in a lifetime.”
-by EliBelly

The Lion King (Broadway)
This Broadway favorite is beloved for its epic costumes, emotional coming-of-age story, and feel-good “hakuna matata” message. The set designs alone are enough to bring tears to your eyes!

-by MyaPapaya

“This show made us jump out of our seats! The opening made us cry! Each moment was awesome! The music, the dances, everything!”

One Direction
These boy wonders are a sure-fire way to get the little ones screaming and crying with excitement.

-by cynthiamb4

“I waited to see my boys for about 3 years! And honestly Saturday was the best day of my life hands down. And everything was so perfect from hearing Niall’s laughs in person to hearing the boys sing. Without a doubt I wouldn’t trade this day for anything else in world. What made it even more special was that it was Niall’s birthday and we sang to him. One thing that I will never forget is the crowd that night at the Rose Bowl stadium. Just knowing that that thousands of us are there supporting the boys to make there dreams come real. Also, the boys sound even better live and I have to admit it, it was worth every dollar. This is night was so memorable , I never thought I would cry of a band, but there I was crying with tears of joy while singing along to Little Things. The most important thing of attending the concert is to enjoy every second because it all feels like it goes within a blink. Now all that I have left is memories, but hopefully I’ll attend another one of there shows. My boys are. Everything to me , they are perfect and have saved me from tragic. But I still die while watching the video of Niall singing “Beautiful Girls” and “Stand By Me” ! I hope you all attend at least one of their concerts because it’s the bet thing ever !!! There is so much to say but if rather have you live it !!!!”
-by 1dupdatess

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