20 Dads You’ll See at Every Live Event

20 Dads You’ll See at Every Live Event

With Father’s Day just around the corner (Pssthere are some gift ideas for dad), we wanted to take a moment to celebrate all the hilarious/wonderful/horrifying things dads do in public. We’ve all been amused and embarrassed by both parents, but when it comes to meme-worthy behavior dads tend to take the cake. Have a look at the list of dads you may encounter at your next live event, and have a fantastic Father’s Day from Ticketmaster.

1. Dads Wearing Goofy Band Shirts
Embarrassing you a little in front of your favorite band is the least he could do after driving you to the concert.

2. Twinsie Dads
Wearing matching accessories is a great way to get a “Who Wore It Best” debate going.

3. Dads With Better Things to Do
He always said he was good at multi-tasking, even if it means listening to two bands at once.

4. Boss Dads
If you really want to impress your son, do something awesome while he’s strapped to your body.

5. Chillaxin’ Dads
Hey, he made it to the concert, now just let him sit back, relax, and watch you crowd surf.

6. Crowd-Surfing Dads
Some dads, however, won’t let you crowd surf alone.

7. Dads with Disgraceful Dancing Skills
This look/these moves are a great way to never be invited to a concert with your kid ever again.

8. Dads Prepared For Anything
He wouldn’t be your dad if he wasn’t looking out for your eardrums’ best interest.

9. Dads Trying to Throw It Back
We get that these shirts were cool back then, but Dad, please don’t.

10. Selfie-Lovin’ Dads
Don’t be surprised if he wants to document your precious time together with ceaseless selfies.

11. Cruise Ship Dads
There’s no point in trying to coax him out of the Hawaiian shirt. It’s on, and it’s staying on.

12. Dads with Autographed Clothing
Just be glad the autographs are somewhere you can see them.

13. Brave Dads
You know your dad loves you when he braves the madness of the front row with you and your friends.

14. Snoozin’ Dads
I mean, he’s already heard you sing this song in the car, like, a million times.

15. Bored Dads
Sometimes no amount of noise or energy can get them to accept music these days.

16. Dads Embracing Coachella Fashion Trends
Who said flower crowns were solely for teen girls prancing in the desert sun?

17. ???????!!!!!! Dads
These are the dads that ruin it for all other dads.

18. Rafiki Dads
If your dad is willing to make a Simba out of you, well, can he be my dad too?

19. Festival-Junkie Dads
Where do they find all that energy after the exhaustion of raising us??!

20. Simply Happy Dads
Some dads simply find enjoyment in spending time with their kids in public, even if their little ones aren’t so little anymore. Case in point: pro boxer Demond Nicholson and his pops at a basketball game back in April.

Happy Father’s Day From Ticketmaster