10 Signs You’re Totally Obsessed with Disney Characters

10 Signs You’re Totally Obsessed with Disney Characters
Festivalgoers dress up as Star Wars characters at Outside Lands Festival in August 2015 at Golden Gate Park in San Fransisco, CA.

1. You collect all the things
Whether you hoard figurines, clothing, or holiday decorations, you’ll never have enough stuff with mouse ears on it. You even dress like you’re going to Disneyland when you’re not going to Disneyland. And you’re darn proud. *Brushes lint off Buzz Lightyear hoodie*

2. You treat theme parks like they’re your backyard
Your Annual Passport is your Fastpass to unbeatable excitement every time the weekend rolls around.

3. You will never “Let It Go”
Once you’ve tapped your inner Elsa, there’s no point in turning back. Let your “grown-up” friends judge you if they want—they’re not welcome in your gigantic ice palace anyway.

4. You daydream in fairy tales
Obsessed with happy endings? Who can blame you? Everything works out for the best in the Disney universe and you are the star of your own fairy tale.

5. Your mantra is Disney-inspired

6. You sport your favorite Disney star somewhere on your body
Like fandom, tattoos last forever. That’s why the perfect thing to ink on your own personal canvas is a permanent display of your everlasting affinity for your favorite Disney character. Or characters. For a less permanent display of your passion for Disney, nail art and other temporary beauty and style trends can do the trick.

7. You do this in public
Best. War. Reenactment. EVER!

Star Wars characters at Outside Lands festival

8. You’ve seen every single Disney movie ever made. Twice.
You know who framed Roger Rabbit. And who put the “Glad” in “Gladiator”. You’ve got a friend in me. I could go on…

9. You love to whistle while you wait…
In line for character meet-and-greets, that is. And you probably have autographs from Snow White and all Seven Dwarfs to prove it.

10. You prefer your food with ears on it
There’s just more to bite into. Ice cream bars, cookies, cupcakes, and this detailed and delicious pancake from @kevin_blankenship. We’ve tried to make them at home, but it’s just not the same as getting these enchanting eats from the Happiest Place on Earth.

From Disney Presents The Lion King in NYC and The Lion King touring show to Disney On Ice presents Frozen Presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt, Ticketmaster has you covered with events to feed your Disney obsession.

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