The 10 Most Creative Concert Tour Costumes Of 2014

The 10 Most Creative Concert Tour Costumes Of 2014
(Photo by: Debi Del Grande/ Live Nation)

Every Thursday in December (and maybe even January) we’ll be looking back on 2014’s most memorable live event moments with a series of year-end lists.

Last week, we brought you 10 Events That Moved Fans to Tears in 2014. This week, we’ve compiled a list of the year’s most jaw-dropping stage outfits. From the glitzy and glamorous to the shockingly daring, these unforgettable looks kept concertgoers talking all year long. Check out all the must-see photos — taken from’s very own fan reviews.

Beyonce & Jay Z

Reviewer: EliteEricaa

The second Beyonce and Jay Z took the stage on their highly-anticipated On The Run Tour, concertgoers were left breathless. That’s because the dynamic duo opened the show with a smoldering rendition of “’03 Bonnie & Clyde”, dressed as the hottest bank robbers you’ve ever seen. Bey simply stunned in a fishnet and leather bodysuit complete with a plunging neckline, high heeled combat boots, and a fierce netted mask. Her best accessory? None other than her partner-in-crime, Jay Z, who sported a similar all-black look. All hail the power couple of 2014.

Lady Gaga

Reviewer: VanityHooker05

It should come as no shock that Lady Gaga earned a spot on this list — would you expect anything less from Mother Monster? For 2014’s The ARTPOP Ball, she wore a neon rave dress, a seashell bikini top, multicolored dreadlocks, and a headpiece with tentacles sticking out of it. But this bejeweled leotard stole the show, thanks to the eye-catching blue gazing ball attached to the middle of it. It was designed by the artist Jeff Koons and used for Gaga’s ARTPOP album art, and it was even more stunning in person. Accessorizing the look with monstrous feathered wings and a blond bob wig, Gaga proved she’s still the reigning queen of concert fashion.

Alice Cooper

Reviewer: CasperFan

Hard rock god Alice Cooper is well-known for his awesome concert theatrics, and his string of 2014 shows was no exception. During the course of his set, Cooper waved a sword during “Billion Dollar Babies”, hoisted a gallon-sized coffee cup to his lips during “Caffeine”, and threw costume jewelry into the crowd during ‘Dirty Diamonds.” In true Cooper fashion, he reached deep into his costume trunk of horrors for the show’s final act. As he sang “Ballad of Dwight Fry,” his wife Sheryl took the stage dressed as a psychotic, sadistic nurse who led Cooper to a guillotine where he was “beheaded”. The bloody stunt proved why Cooper’s live shows are still utterly unforgettable.


Reviewer: Eats

Iconic superstar Cher pulled out all the stops for her farewell Dressed To Kill Tour. Not only did she stun audiences with her incredible vocals, but she looked mighty fabulous doing it, donning lavish costumes speckled with rhinestones, feathers, and sequins galore. For the crowd favorite “Half Breed”, she channeled a glamorous Indian chief in a flamboyant, floor-length headdress accented with orange, blue, and pink feathers. If it really is goodbye (say it ain’t so, Cher!) she definitely went out with a bang.


Reviewer: Anonymous

When fans go to a GWAR concert, they can expect a few different things: loud music, grotesque stage antics, and impressively elaborate costumes. 2014 was no exception, as the thrash metal rockers took their barbaric interplanetary warrior getups to outrageous levels with body paint, blood, and a whole lot of gore. It’s official: these guys definitely earn their reputation as “shock rockers”.

Arcade Fire

Reviewer: jimstoic

Touring in support of their stellar 2014 album Reflektor, indie rockers Arcade Fire made sure their live performances were unforgettable. They caused a bit of a stir when they requested that fans wear costumes or formal attire to their concerts, but ticket buyers showed up in their finest and funkiest ensembles, ready to dance the night away. Frontman Win Butler and the rest of the band followed suit, typically showing up onstage in embellished suits, eye masks, and giant papier-mache heads. But it was the “Mirrorman” who stole the show. He first made an appearance in Arcade Fire’s music video for “Reflektor”, and he was certainly a sight to behold in concert, as his shimmering suit lit up arenas around the world.

Miley Cyrus

miley cirus bangerz tour outfits
Reviewer: Belinda7

Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour was one of the most talked about live spectacles of the year, and for good reason — the campy, raunchy shows were totally surreal and wickedly fun. It all started with Cyrus speeding down a tongue-shaped slide dressed in this red jeweled two-piece getup. Accessorized with a tiny white Chanel purse, matching white cowboy boots, and shoulder feathers, the bold look is Nashville meets… whatever dazzling planet Cyrus is on.


Reviewer: BuddyStar

For their 2014 co-headlining tour with Def Leppard — which celebrated their 40th year as a band — KISS sported their signature face paint and black-and-white glam metal getups. The costumed gods of thunder proved they still know how to put on a rollicking arena rock spectacle complete with a spider-shaped stage, exploding confetti canyons, and tons of pyrotechnics and smoke. Even though their onstage looks are nothing new, they earned a spot on our list by pulling them off better than ever before.

Queen & Adam Lambert

Reviewer: tuke18

When legendary English rockers Queen announced Adam Lambert as their new frontman, many diehard fans were nervous. Would he be able to fill Freddie Mercury’s shoes, they wondered? Thankfully, Lambert stunned concertgoers night after night with his epic showmanship… and he did it in high style. Mercury donned his fair share of outlandish costumes back in the day, and Lambert followed suit with head-to-toe black leather, gold studs, spiked dog collars, platform heels, and leopard-printed suits. Especially eye-catching was this glittery gold-fringed jacket, which perfectly complemented the gold glitter showers that closed out each show.

Katy Perry

Reviewer: cRoach08

By the end of one of Katy Perry’s Prism Tour concerts, fans thought they’d seen it all. Over the course of the show, she had dressed up in a modern-day Cleopatra getup, a pink cheetah-print jumpsuit, and a butterfly-adorned bohemian gown. But nothing compared to her look for her encore performance of “Firework”. With tinsel in her hair and pyrotechnics exploding behind her, Perry donned this show-stopping dress that “made her colors burst” and “made them go oh, oh, oh”. Baby you’re a firework, indeed.